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A major choice many car shoppers struggle with is whether to finance or lease a car. One of the pitfalls shoppers fall into is the belief that one is better than the other. The truth is, buying and leasing are very different, but we offer both choices depending on your budget and lifestyle. At Germain Lexus of Naples, we put the power in the shopper’s hands by providing insightful auto leasing and financing information to help you make an informed decision. Whatever you decide, we have the top Lexus financing specialists to go to bat for you.

Introducing the “love It or Leave It” Lease Plan

Offering the Following Benefits for Germain Lexus Lease Customers:

Three Options at Lease End
  • Walk away – avoid a loss
  • Keep it – buy for guaranteed future value
  • Buy to trade or sell – keep any profit
Automatic Tax Savings

Unlike financing customers who pay taxes based on the entire cost of the vehicle, lease customers are only taxed for the cost on the lease. In other words, you pay taxes on the fraction of the depreciation that you are paying off.

Keeping Things Interesting

For the same down payment as financing, you can lease a Lexus for two years and enjoy a new car smell every time around. Not to mention you will enjoy all of the following advantages of leasing at Germain Lexus.

For Peace of Mind

Costly repairs and maintenance usually occur after a car reaches 30,000 miles, which is long after the term of a lease ends.

Rest Assured Coverage

If your lease vehicle is wrecked or stolen, this protection covers the difference or “gap” between your insurance check and your lease payoff. The customer is only responsible for the insurance deductible and any actual unpaid payments.

For Your Safety & Convenience
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Towing
  • Flat Tire Service and Repair
  • Jump Start
  • Emergency Lockout
No Unwanted Surprises

Lexus tells you now what your vehicle will be worth at lease end and guarantees it – subject only to excess mileage and excess wear and tear.

Preferred Plan: A free, convenient payment alternative allows for the automatic transfer of payments every month.

Advanced Program: Prepay all monthly lease payments in a single discounted price. Can be exercised at any time during the lease term.

No Hidden Costs. Understand Leasing Terminology:

Capitalized Cost = Selling Price
Capitalized Cost Reduction = Down Payment, Rebate, Trade-In
New Capitalized Cost = Financed Balance
Lease End Residual = Guaranteed Future Value
Lease Charges = Cost of Money During the Lease. Not an Interest Rate.

Why Two Years Is the Perfect Lease Term

  • History shows that all vehicles of all makes and models depreciate, on average, about “half the window sticker” in the first two years of life.
  • The best part of any car’s life is the first two years, or from 0 – 30,000 miles. Gas and oil changes are about all that is necessary.
  • The first most expensive part of a vehicle’s life comes after two years, or, in the 30,000 to the 60,000-mile range. Tires, brakes, service, etc. could cost over $2,000 and more.
  • The simple fact is that banks and financial institutions collect “most” of the interest (finance charges) on loans in the first two years of a 4+ year car loan.
  • Surveys indicate that most people would “like” to get a new vehicle every two years, but for reasons listed above, most haven’t been in a position to trade-in their vehicle.
  • The used car market tells us a two-year-old family driven automobile is in short supply, and the demand for this type of vehicle creates the best “resale value.”
  • With our “Planned Trade Cycles,” our customers will be able to take delivery of 2 new vehicles in 2 years.
  • Hard earned down payments have TWICE the impact in lowering monthly payments on two-year terms than on 4 + year terms. Example: $1,000/48 months = $20.83 in pure principle, $1,000/24 months = $41.67 in pure principle.
  • While many manufacturers and banks are offering 3+ year terms, we know that a two-year-old vehicle is worth more, easier to get financed, and hasn’t yet cost our customer any significant maintenance or repair costs.
  • We’re able to offer our customers the Lowest Cost of Driving by combining the right “packages” of equipment, on planned trade cycles, enabling our clients to re-experience the “joy of new.”
  • We know that the “real cost” of a vehicle is not just the selling price, but the sale price minus the resale value. The difference is the actual cost of driving.

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Germain Lexus of Naples Is Here to Help You Make the Best Choice for You!

Regardless of whether you decide to buy or lease your next car, you can count on our team of auto financing specialists to be by your side whenever you need them. We make auto financing simple. Check out our vehicle incentives. You can get pre-approved online or use our car payment calculator to plan your monthly auto payments. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Lexus lease deal or low-rate auto loans near Fort Myers, visit our local car dealership in Naples today!

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